Report it or not?

Below every ad there is a button that enables you to report anything that is wrong with it. We have added this button because we need our visitors to help us in keeping this website free from all kinds of fraud, bad language and so on. 

But not everything needs to be reported. For example: ‘*****’ is a bad word. But in context (like in rap-lyrics) it is just a word. So a report on a specific word or phrase is not always needed. On the other hand: the n-word can’t be read in context, so that is a bad word that needs to be reported.

The best way to decide if a report is needed is to give the reason to send in a report a number between one and ten. How serious is it way you have read? If over 6: send in a report. 

Besides text we also stay focussed on the numerous Nigerian Princes, loverboys and so on. Scammers are extremely creative, so itis very helpful if as many people as possible keep their eyes open.

All help is highly appreciated.