Payments & invoices

Costs for posting an ad

We offer four packages you can choose from when posting a Lonely Hearts Ad: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 180 days. The costs you have to pay for the publication of your ad depend on the chosen package. All prices are shown in the package description, and all prices shown include all relevant taxes like VAT.

Dicount codes

From time to time we offer discount codes. These codes can apply to all packages but also to one or more selected packages. Discounts are, in general, percentages. Discount codes can have a limited availablity, or a set end-date. Discount-codes which are avalable are published in our online ads, through our affiliate network and on this website.


When posting an ad you have to pay for publication prior to the ad appearing online. You will be offered a selection of payment-methods, fom which you can make a choice. All payments are made to BON Media BV in The Netherlands.

No refunds

When you have posted an ad online and paid for it, the payment is final. Even if you decide to remove your ad before it expires you will not be refunded for the time you had remaining.

Invoices for posted ads

Invoices will be sent to you by email, but can also be found in your account. Log in to your account, and in the menu click ‘invoices’ to find them.

Invoices for sent letters

The invoices for letters you send to people who have ads online are sent to you by email, and do not appear in your account. The reason for that is that for processing incoming letters w use a different invoicing-system. If you have lost an invoice and would like to receive a copy please use our contact-form.