Managing your ads

If you have posted a Lonely Hearts Ad online you can edit it, delete it and renew it. That makes sure you can change the text of your ad whenever you want, but you also have the option to delete it when you want.

Edit your ad

If you want to change your ad or for example your address that can be done very easily. Log in to your account, scroll down to ‘manage your ad(s)’, and once you have clicked the link on the right your ad(s) will be shown. Below every ad you see a button ‘edit’. If you click on it the ad will show up in a form, and all the fields you want can be edited. When done click ‘Submit Listing’ to save all the changes made. Changes are immediately published, but depending on the time the changes are made it can take up to half an hour before the changes are visible online. 

Delete your ad

If for any reason you wish to delete your ad you can also do that whenever you want. It is important to understand that deleting your ad is permanent, and that all data concerning your ad will be removed completely. Go to your account, in the menu click on ‘manage your ad(s)’, and below the ad you wish to remove click ‘delete’. Once done, in the top of the screen you will be asked to confirm your choice. As soon as you have confirmed your choice the ad will be removed. Please note that deleting an ad is permanent and irreversible .

Renew your ad

If your ad has expired it is no longer available online, but if you want you can renew it. Go to your account, in the menu click on ‘manage your ad(s)’, and below the ad you wish to renew click ‘renew’. That will take you to the form where you will find the ad the way it was when it was last online. Simply pick the package you want to renew it with, and once everything is the way you want it click on ‘Submit Listing’. Now you will be taken to the form to pay for your ad, and once payment has been received your ad will be visible online.

Delete your account

It is also possible to delete your account. This, like deleting an ad, is permanent and can not be reversed. If you want to delete your account log in to your account, and at the bottom of the menu choose ‘delete your account’. You will be asked for a confirmation, and when you do confirm your choice the account and all data related to it will be removed from our servers.

Important notice

If you delete an ad or your account the ad or account is not visible anymore, but is still available on our servers. We run an automated system to purge the cache and run cron jobs on set intervals, and only once they have both run the removal of data will be permanent. Deleting ads or your account does not entitle you to refunds in any way, shape or form.