Post an ad as a gift?

With close to thirty million singles in the UK over 80,000 of them celebrate their birthday today. So, what gift is a better one than a Lonely Hearts Ad? Sit down with a few friends, think of a text, and put an ad online. At a price starting under 15 pounds it is by far the most original gift for any single person. As soon as it is online make sure as many people as possible share the ad through social media, and once that is done just sit and wait what the mailman brings.

Please pay attention to the following:

Personal data

If you put an ad online for someone else make sure that in the form used to enter the text for the ad the address of the person the ad is intended for is used, and also the email-address and the phone number. This ensures all incoming letters will be forwarded to the right person.


When making a payment fill in your own name, address and related data. This way the invoice is sent to you.


If you already have an account you can use that account to post an ad for someone else, as long as you enter the data properly. If you do not have an account yet you can create one. Please use your personal data to create an account.

Be (a bit) serious

It is absolute fun to post an ad for someone else, but be sure not to get too far away from the truth. People reading the ad expect a proper person to be behind it. Also make sure you don’t ridicule the person the ad is for.